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At Earth House Collective, we believe in providing meaningful and transformative experiences for individuals and groups. Our collective network of homes, built in remote parts of the world, offers a unique opportunity for people to connect with themselves, each other and the natural world. We are committed to supporting the growth of current and future leaders by providing resources, tools and experiences that challenge and inspire.

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To bring together groups of current and future leaders and healers to spaces that will help individuals and groups connect, learn, and heal in order to elevate the beauty of our world.


At Earth House Collective we believe in the power of nature to elevate and inspire us. Our unique, international event and lodging spaces are designed to immerse visitors in the beauty of natural landscapes to elevate individual and collective thinking. We specialize in events of all kinds including creative retreats, cultural exchange, youth education, organizational gatherings, and local/global connections personalized to the intent of sharing the space. Come experience the tranquility and inspiration our spaces provide to make your next event truly unforgettable.

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